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Drama - Romantic

Maggie’s Plan

Released 2016 Rating 15
Director Rebecca Miller Writer/s Rebecca Miller
Starring Greta Gerwig, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore
Source of story A short story by Karen Rinaldi
Elevator Pitch A young woman, whose job is to bring young enterpeneurs to notice of industry, decides to become a single mother, but at the moment she is putting the plan into effect she is called on by a lecturer who has fallen in love with her. They get to it, and they have a child and marry but he remains in contact with his previous wife. He’s also pretty useless. Perhaps she should send him back!
Content A lot of talking some of it mildly amusing. A bit of sex with the exposure one one female breast once. A weird sort of jam session for conference delegates snowed in at a conference in Canada. Quite a number of scenes featuring irritating children.
A View Predictably the critics loved this, but the general public not so much. It is probably the lowest grossing film I have reviewed. We did not like it either. Everyone was so wet! But as we left the cinema Pedro Almodóvar was going in. Nice to be patronising the same film house as a famous director.

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