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Action, Drama - Conspiracy

The Peacemaker

Released 1997 Rating 15 in UK
Director Mimi Leder Writer/s Michael Schiffer
Starring George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Armin Mueller-Stahl
Source of story Newspaper article by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn
Elevator Pitch A train crash and nuclear explosion in Russia are detected by the surveillance teams in America. A White House nuclear expert and a no nonesense special forces colonel together unravel the plot and chase down the criminals transporting nuclear devices across several countries, finally confronting a terrorist in New York.
Content Some violence. Lots of people are shot. There are car chases – quite well done – and quite a bit of spy in the sky stuff as the criminals are tracked across the middle east in the direction of Iran. Some helicopter scenes with missiles effectively presented. And a long chase on foot in New York.
A View If we accept that the premise is a bit looney the first and the second acts of this movie are watchable, but some of the plot was beyond me from the beginning. And surely even in 1997 a nuclear device in a passenger aircraft would have been detected. It was also a bit difficult to tell where we were, but one assumes that the main part of the plot was set in the Balkans because it is cheap. This not much liked, despite the star billing.

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