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2016, Drama - No Category

The Girl on the Train

Released 2016 Rating 15 in UK
Director Tate Taylor Writer/s Erin Cressida Wilson
Starring Emily Blunt, Justin Theroux
Source of story Book by Paula Hawkins
Elevator Pitch A divorced woman regularly takes the train between her home and central New York, passing the house where she and her former husband lived. She also sees another couple together, and then the female of the other couple with another man. She is a drunk and gets off the train to confront this unfaithful female with far reaching results.
Content Some time on trains with narration. A bit of sex. Quite a bit of drunken stumbling about (difficult to watch). Much weighty discussion including quite a bit of time with a psychiatrist and some unpleasant violence.
A View The critics did not seem to like this, maybe because it does not quite hold together, and some aspects of the plot stretch the suspension of disbelief to the limit, but hell, it’s a film. Although thinking about it some of the events, necessary for the plot, are extremely unlikely and in order to get us to believe stuff the presentation is very tricky. But still watchable.

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