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Riddick (2013)

Released 2013 Rating 15 in UK
Director David Twohy Writer/s David Twohy, Jim and Ken Wheat
Starring Vin Diesel, Jordi Mollà, Karl Urban
Source of story A reappearance of the character, now a franchise, but who first was seen in “Pitch Black”.
Elevator Pitch The super warrior Riddick is left for dead on an alien and apparently uninhabited planet, but soon predators appear and he is forced to take them on, and then to activate a beacon which draws bounty hunters who are out for his head (literally). The approach of an environmental change on the planet will require them to evacuate or die.
Content It’s like Pitch Black with guns. There is quite a lot of pretty extreme violence, both as Riddick deals with the alien creatures and as he takes on the bounty hunters. There is a token shot of the female bounty hunter’s naked upper body.
A View In terms of today’s sci-fi this was a low cost venture, but I thought it was watchable, if for no other reason that you can follow the plot, and the action sequences are effective. Also Riddick has been given a “dog”, which is really well done, and good fun.

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