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Action, Resident Evil, Zombies

Resident Evil 4: Afterlife

Released 2010 Rating 15 in UK
Director Paul W.S. Anderson Writer/s Paul W.S. Anderson
Starring Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, Wentworth Miller, Sienna Guillory,
Source of story Originally a video game, and previous movies.
Elevator Pitch Alice searches for other survivors of the T-Virus piloting an aircraft, finally landing on the roof of a prison in LA, which is surrounded by the undead. She and the other survivors in the prison must escape and find the source of a broadcast message from “Arcadia”.
Content The film starts with a dozen Alice clones fighting Umbrella Corp soldiers in the company centre, and the action seldom lets up as she moves from one set piece to another. So lots of violence and girls shooting guns while clad in fatigues and vests.
A View I note that experts on the genre did not like this much, but once more how could they not. It had a plot and loads of pretty spectacular action, although I admit that apart from Alice I did not know who anyone else was.

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