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Action, Drama - Spies, OO7

Bond 8: Live and Let Die

Released 1973 Rating A in UK
Director Guy Hamilton Writer/s Tom Mankiewicz
Starring Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto, Jane Seymour, Clifton James, Geoffrey Holder, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell,
Source of story A story in the 007 franchise – named after but not necessarily based on an Ian Fleming book.
Elevator Pitch Bond is sent to New Orleans to investigate the deaths of a number of agents. He is quickly absorbed into the Carribean underworld and its voodoo influences and becomes involved with a tarot reader who can foresee the future, but only if she remains a virgin.
Content Loads of sharp dialogue, moderate violence, people are shot and a load of ingenious stunts involving cars, buses and boats.
A View This was Roger Moore’s first Bond film, and it is probably my favourite because it is such good fun. Watch for the use of the New Orleans funeral in the opening scene, the voodoo lord at the end and enjoy the theme written by Paul McCartney. I have included it in the “Must See” because it might be the ultimate film of what we expected of the 007 franchise.

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