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Action, Resident Evil, Zombies

Resident Evil 1

Released 2002 Rating 15 (In UK)
Director Paul W.S. Anderson Writer/s The Director
Source of story A computer game
Stars Milla Jovovich, James Purefoy
Elevator Pitch A military squad has a mission to shut down the computer system, controlling “the hive”, a multilevel technical facility within which a virus has been released, turning the staff therein into zombies. They meet and take with them three people found en route, including Alice, a lady with unexpected special powers.
Content Much violence mainly using pistols and automatic weapons, some blood and gore, some monsters. Very limited sex and no actual nudity.
A View I have some affection for Resident Evil. No 5 is the only film I have seen on Imax. This one was better than thought by the critics. There is a bit of a plot, and you can’t beat an evil computer.

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