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12 Rounds (2009)

Duration 1h 48m Rating (UK) PG-13 Source of story An original screenplay Writer/s Script Daniel Kunka Director Renny Harlin Starring John Cena, Aiden Gillen, Ashley Scott, Steve Harris, Taylor Cole Elevator Pitch In a fracas at the roadside a policeman captures a villain, but is accidentally involved in the death of the man’s girlfriend. The … Continue reading

16 Blocks (2006)

Duration 1h 42m Rating (UK) 12A Source of story An original screenplay Writer/s Script Richard Wenk Director Richard Donner Starring Bruce Willis, Yasiin Bey, David Morse, Jenna Stern, Casey Sander Elevator Pitch A desolute and alcoholic detective is given the task of getting an irritating black petty criminal to   a neighbourhood court , but … Continue reading

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Released 2016 Rating 12A Director Dan Trachtenberg Writer/s Josh Campbell, Matthew Stuecken Starring John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Gallagher Jr Source of story A script called The Cellar which apparently has been knocking around for years. Elevator Pitch After a car crash a young woman wakes in an underground bunker with two men and … Continue reading