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Comedy - Black

Bloody Hell (2020)

Duration1h 33m
RatingsUK: 18, USA: R, Poland: 12
Source of storyAn original screenplay
DirectorAlister Grierson
Writers/ScriptRobert Benjamin
StarringBen O’Tool, Meg Fraser, Caroline Craig, Matthew Sunderland,
RatingsIMDb: 6.6/10 by 8,130 people .  Rotten Tomatoes: 91% by 56 reviewers. Review2view: 7.3/10.

Summary: Rex Coen is chatting up the teller in a bank in Boise, Idaho, when the bank is raided by three shotgun toting criminals. He accidentally comes into the possession of a snub nosed revolver, and so is gradually able to dispatch the raiders. But in the fire fight a bank employee is killed resulting in him being jailed for eight years. A video of the raid has made him a sort of celebrity, so in order to escape the attention he emigrates to Finland. Rex has an alter ego, constantly in conversation with him who he sees as a separate person. Once in Finland Rex is kidnapped, having been watched by a middle aged couple at the airport. He is gassed in a fake taxi, and wakes up strung up in an isolated house with the lower part of one leg missing. Only when visited Alia, a young female member of the kidnap family does he understand what is happening to him. Will she help him and can he survive?

Content: No sex or nudity. Rex might drink a beer.  The bank raid takes place and Rex does his stuff, egged on by his alter ego, who is more or less helpful throughout although it encourages him towards violence. Later we see people watching the event on YouTube. When Rex gets out of jail we see him progressing through airports in the direction of Finland, and being seen by the Finish couple. We also see Alia as a child and young women being treated badly by her family, eventually being caged when she tries to escape. After Rex is kidnapped he is suspended by his hands without the lower part of one leg. His alter ego seems to be helpful. Later there is a confrontation with the family, but can’t say more.

A View: I watch a lot of films, and honestly most of them are dross, but in order to have a proper viewing experience I avoid doing something else, so I am genuinely engaged, bored or distressed. Almost immediately I was caught up in this story and remained with it throughout, even the quite distressing bits. It is an Australian film, filmed in that country with local actors but I don’t think you would know it. It is billed as a comedy but comedy or not, it is worth the cost of a download.

I have had a bit of a job to find similar back comedies to recommend but here are three. The Switch, Rough Night and more recently The Menu.

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