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It Stains the Sands Red (2016)

This is a low budget horror starring Brittany Allen as Molly, and a bunch guys I had not heard of in all other roles. It was written (with assistance from Stuart Ortiz) and directed by Colin Minihan.

During another zombie apocalypse Molly, an exotic dancer, and her boyfriend are driving through the desert to get to an airfield from which they hope to fly to safety. But when they stop the Porsche in order to allow Molly to vomit into the underbrush the car get stuck in the sand, and before they can get going they are attacked by a lone zombie. The boyfriend is killed and so Molly takes off into the desert pursued, slowly, by the zombie. Over time Molly finds she has some control over the zombie and it/he accidentally saves her from a rape situation with it bites the rapist. Later she is required to take drastic action when the zombie bites her on the hand and thereafter is shot in the leg by a soldier. Despite the setbacks she is driven on by a call from her child who is hiding from the undead in the city.

The film contains scenes some people might find offensive. Molly is menstruating and at one point distracts the zombie with a used tampon. The zombie attacks are suitably bloody and unpleasant, and at times Molly is required to attack the zombies as well which is even more bloody. After the zombie bites her she is required to hit a finger off with a rock. Oh, and there is the rape scene, no nudity but nevertheless quite graphic since Molly is wearing leopardskin tights and a brief leather top. 

This outing only made $3000 in the cinema which seems totally unfair to me. Brittany Allen does a really good job as a pole dancer in the desert tottering along on platform shoes. It must have been hard going since it was actually filmed in the desert. It only garnered 5.5/10 from the limited people who reviewed it on IMDb, and was not given a rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I have given it 7/10. It is a film worth seeing if you like that sort of thing, but don’t watch it with your granny.

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