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Final Destination, Horror - Slasher

Final Destination 3 (2006)

Duration1h 33m
RatingsUK: 15, USA: PG, Denmark 
Source of storyThe film follows the basic theme of the previous Final Destinations.
DirectorJames Wong
Writers/ScriptGlen Morgan James Wong
StarringMary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Kris Lemche, Alexz Johnson, Amanda Crew, 
RatingsIMDb: 5.8 by 10,133 people.  Rotten Tomatoes: 43% by 116 reviewers..

Elevator Pitch: Out at a funfair with her friends Wendy has a premonition that the roller coaster ride will fail and they will all be killed. She decides to get off the ride and with eight others are ejected from the entrance. The ride fails catastrophically and everyone on board dies. From then on Death stalks the survivors who die, in all cases, due to a combination of minor events. The first deaths are those of Ashley and Ashlyn who are killed by a sunbed failure. Gradually Wendy and her friend Kevin determine that her photographs taken at the funfair, have a bearing on the subsequent events, but despite their efforts to same them, their fellow escapees are gradually picked off.

Content: No sex but just a bit of nudity as Ashley and Ashlyn strip off for the sunbeds, but they are then incinerated so definitely no fun. The film has its cake and eats it, as Wendy has the premonitions, particularly when the roller coaster fails, but then she and others escape. Thereafter the scenes where further students are terminated are presented, interspaced with Wendy looking distressed, tired, terrified depending on what is required. The scene in a home depot is particularly tense, because the student working there are using dangerous equipment. 

A View: I find that, accidentally, I have reviewed this film twice. This outing was not well thought of by the critics or, it seems, by the general public, but it returned over $100 million against a production cost of about $25 million. The critics complained that it was formulaic, but what else could it be. It is a one trick pony, the only opportunity the writers have is to make the actual deaths more ingenious, and in this they succeeded. So if you are thinking about watching this, go back to the first and work forward. They are not too bad.

Additional Info: One of the students is killed at a drive in burger sale point. He is driving a Triumph Spitfire, a lacklustre British 1960s sports car.  

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