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Drama - Survival

Swarmed (2005)

Duration1h 36m
RatingsUSA: PG-13
Source of storyA not very original screenplay
DirectorPaul Ziller
Writers/ScriptMiguel Tejada-Flores
StarringMichel Shanks, Carol Alt, Tim Thomerson
RatingsIMDb: 3.7 by 1160 people .  Rotten Tomatoes: 35% by.

 Elevator Pitch: The small Canadian town of Dundas is plagued by a swarm of genetically altered wasps, causing many of the population to die of their stings while the survivors mill about in confusion. Co-incident with the attack is  the preparation for a cook off of hamburgers, which we know the insects feast on. Additionally an insect exterminator only survives by injecting himself with an antidote and thereafter becomes central to the populations attempts to survive.

Content: No nudity or sex, and although I might have dropped off a couple of times, no drinking I don’t think.  So scenes in the laboratory where the wasps are genetically altered by an experimental pesticide, then in various places attacked by the wasps, particularly following the trials of the pest exterminator who becomes central to the fight. The climax involves people being stung at the cook out and attempting to survive, mostly unsuccessfully.

A View: While this is a bad film, on the credit side it did not take itself too seriously, and it moved along at a good pace, not wasting too much time in philosophical discussion. You could maybe have it on while doing something else, since there are no surprises.

Additional Info: The fictional town of Dundas is actually played by the real Dundas, Ontario. 

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