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Fantasy - Sourcery, Horror - Demons

Highway to Hell (1991)


Duration 1h 34m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay inspired only by the name of the song and maybe Orpheus in the Underworld.
Director Ate de Jong
Writers/Script Brian Helgeland
Starring Patrick Bergin, Chad Lowe, Kristy Swanson, Ben Stiller and the rest of his family.

Elevator Pitch: While eloping to Las Vegas Charlie and Rachel take a minor road and surreally Rachel is abducted by Hellcop a policeman from another dimension. Charlie gets help from gas station owner Sam, who lends him a special car and shotgun, and Charlie manages to transfer to the reality of the road to hell, and goes in pursuit of Hellcop. In danger, he is helped by a man operating a tow truck, but he still has to, literally, confront his demons.

Content: There is no nudity, but it is implied that Rachel is not a virgin, since Sam is surprised that Hellcop abducted her. The cars chase across the desert and Charlie has to overcome various problems. The diner is full of dusty corpses , people are being dismembered by the “Paved by Good Intentions” road crew. He has to cross the Styx and is persuaded by a demon that he has found Rachel. In the end they have to bet everything against his ability to drive to safety ahead of Hellcops super cop car.

A View: Only four critics reviewed this on Rotten Tomatoes and they all liked it, but the site did not give it 100% probably because it would have been misleading. It was so surreal that I was fascinated by it, and happily watched it from beginning to end. I noted that the devil had the same eyes as the demon in “Good Omens”. So while this would not be for everybody if you fancy a film in the class of “So Bad Its Good” give it a watch.

Additional info: While it hardly made any money at all when originally released it has now apparently gained a cult following.

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2 thoughts on “Highway to Hell (1991)

  1. Never heard of it! It looks… interesting, let’s put it this way!

    Posted by Sam Simon | March 18, 2020, 8:54 am


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