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Eat Locals (2017)


Duration 1h 34m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Jason Flemyng
Writers/Script Danny King
Starring Freema Agyeman, Billy Cook, Charlie Cox, Mackenzie Crook, Annette Crosbie, Tony Cussan, Dexter Fletcher, Eve Myles, Robert Portal,

Elevator Pitch: A group of vampires are meeting in an isolated country farmhouse somewhere in England, where they intend to choose a new recruit; he, Sebastian, has been lured on line to the event by of a tryst with an attractive older woman. As the vampires sort out their adminstrative affairs, including dispatching one who had disobeyed the rules, and rejecting Sebastian as a newby, they are surrounded by a squad of military vampire hunters, who might have the means of dispatching them all.

Content: There is a lot of gunfire, some hand to hand combat and vampire feeding, so quite a bit of blood. No nudity or sex, although implied that some is to take place. The vampires bicker a bit and one is staked. They vote on some issues. The army lurk in the woods with a device which identifies the vampires and the humans in the farmhouse. Most of the action takes place in the dark – they are vampires after all.

A View: This was a low budget British outing, said to have cost $1.5 million, but according IMDb has made a cumulative worldwide gross of $16,503. The critis did not really like it complaining that if it was a comedy it was not funny enough, or if a horror it was not gory enough. But all that being said, I quite enjoyed it. If I had a gripe it was that the army, said to be trained vampire killers, seemed to be incompetent. But if you come across it and like films featuring the undead, it could be a watch for nothing.

Additional Info: The Second Unit fight director was Jason Statham, who together with several of the cast, were in Lock, Stock.

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