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Sci-Fi - Aliens, Sci-Fi - Invasion of Earth, Species

Species III (2004)


Duration 1h 51m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story Roughly based on the previous films
Director Brad Turner
Writers/Script Ben Ripley (Dennis Feldman characters)
Starring Robin Dunne, Robert Knepper, Amelia Cooke, Natasha Henstridge

Elevator Pitch: While Eve (you need to have seen the previous film) and her offspring are being transported in a ambulance she gives birth again, and the new child is stolen by the driver of the ambulance who turns out to the a college professor, investigating the alien invasion. There are two sorts, a human/alien combination and the pure alien. The prof gains the help of Dean, a student who has developed a fusion reactor at the local power station, and his room mate attracts a hybrid alien woman on the internet, who drives up in a Ferrari leaving a scattering of bodies. Clear so far?

Content: Poor Eve (as I have come to think of her) gives birth. The professor brings up the new alien woman, Sara. Dean the student, help him and is attracted to Sara, who has no problem being naked with him, by the way. There are hybrid alien attacks, and the prof dies, as well as the principal of the college. The new hybrid Amelia, has sex with a garage man, and kills him while her Ferrari is being fuelled. She also gets her gear off, killing a girl in the college accommodation on her way back from the shower. A government agent is sort of on the case.

A View: If only this had made just a bit of sense it might have been watchable. I could not see how a military ambulance driver could actually be a college professor, or how a student could have developed a fusion reactor without it being national news, or how these multiple killings could not have attracted the attention of the police. And that’s without going into the problems of the aliens and what they can do, or what motivates them. I thought that Amelia was pretty sexy, but accept that this might have been because she was driving a black Ferrari. So not really a watch, even for nothing unless the “naked space chick” thing lights your fire.

Additional Info: Despite the problems with this movie there is yet another in the franchise “Species – The Awakening”.

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