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Drama - Family

Ben is Back (2018)


Elevator Pitch

A family are returning from an outing on Christmas Eve, and on arriving at their house find that there is a young man waiting in the driveway. His presence is the cause of some elation on the part of the mother and distress on the part of the husband and the elder daughter. We find that he has absconded from rehab and  that pleased as the mother is, she hides all the drugs and valuables in the house. But his presence has been noted by others in the town and, when they find that their house has been broken into and their dog stolen, the mother must descend into the local underworld in order to set things to rights.


Scenes in the house, at one or two local gatherings, and then most of the outing, which takes place over 24 hours, driving about in the hinterland of the town, either the mother and the son together, or them separately as she finds that unbeknown to her, her son, when he was living with her, was leading a double life. There is a lot of discussion and some minor violence but no nudity or sex, and a bit of drug taking off screen.

A View It is likely that anything with Julia Roberts being serious in will be well thought of, and the premise is interesting but in my view and that of one or two others, the script is limited. It could have gone further and distressed us more. I think of an acquaintance who had to get a court order to prevent his own son from approaching within 500 metres of his house. I can hardly imagine how distressing this must be, and that is the reality.
Duration 1h 43m Rating (USA) R, not yet released in UK
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Peter Hedges
Writers/Script Peter Hedges
Starring Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges, Courtney B. Vance, Kathryn Newton, Lucas Hedges
Additional Info Lucas Hedges is the son of the writer/director and both he and Kathryn Newton appeared in Three Billboards.


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