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Comedy - Romantic

The Rewrite (2014)

Elevator Pitch

A washed up screen writer, with an Oscar to his credit in the distant past, reluctantly takes up a position in a New York State university where he immediately shacks up with a hot undergrad, selects his class on the basis of their looks, and offends the female chair of the ethics committee sufficiently to be likely to cause his dismissal. But he begins to form a relationship with a mature student, and against his expectations finds himself enjoying the teaching process and reluctant to hand over his students to anyone else.


A lot of Hugh Grant being charming. He interacts with the other teachers, goes to a “cheese and wine” after which he has to try to make ammends have had “too much wine and not enough cheese”. A lot of time with his class as they, the students, expose their various reasons for being there and a revisit to Los Angeles with one of them who has a viable screenplay. Some interaction with the female mature student, once watching her dancing with her daughters. But no nudity or anything else to offend, unless you are against people drinking wine.

A View This outing just gained the approval of the collective critics on Rotten Tomatoes, although I remember that at the time of its release someone said that surely Hugh Grant was now too old to be bedding his students. Well, be that as it may, rom-coms are incredibly difficult and this one rolled along absolutely painlessly. I enjoyed it all especially the dancing and would not have felt short changed had I paid to see it.
Duration 1h 47m Rating (UK) 12A
Source of story An original screenplay
Director Marc Lawrence
Writers/Script Marc Lawrence
Starring Hugh Grant, J.K. Simmons, Marisa Tomei, Allison Janney (and a bunch of good looking young women who we feel we have probably seen on TV)
Additional Info Marc Lawrence seems to have been Sandra Bullock’s screen writer of choice, notably “Miss Congeniality” and “Two Weeks Notice” (sic).


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