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Indiana Jones 3: And the Last Crusade (1989)

Duration 2h 7m Rating (UK) PG
Source of story An original screenplay using characters from the previous two outings.
Writers/Script Jeffrey Boam
Additional Info George Lucas and Menno Meyjes are credited with the story and Phillip Kaufman with characters. Southern Spain stood in for many of the middle eastern scenes.
Director Steven Spielberg
Starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Denholm Elliot, Alison Doody, John Rhys-Davies, Julian Glover, River Phoenix, Alexai Sayle, Isla Blair
Elevator Pitch In 1938 a philanthropist with an interest in artifacts attempts to hire Indiana Jones to find the “Holy Grail”, which he refuses until he finds out that that his father is missing while attempting the same task. He travels to the point of the last sighting of his father in Venice, joins forces with a female Austrian archeologist and takes up the trail, but nothing is quite as it seems.
Content A succession of quite spectacular set pieces involving sewers and rats, a German castle where Henry Jones is imprisoned, a flight in an airship, a battle in the desert with what appears to be a WW1 tank and we might say “the usual” approach to the artifact overcoming the traps en route.
A View I’ve been watching some pretty heavy stuff recently so I wanted some light entertainment and this 20 year old film did not disappoint. The Nazi theme creaks a bit, but the interaction between father and son is done well. It made a load of money and even today is probably worth your time if you are a fan of the Harrison Ford, Sean Connery or the franchise.

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