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Unfaithful (2002)

Duration 2h 5m Rating (UK) 15
Source of story A French film “The Unfaithful Wife” by Claude Chabrol
Writers/Script Alvin Sargent, William Broyles Jr
Additional Info Diane Lane was nominated for Best Actress in the 2003 Oscars as well as many other similar nominations. The actors had a surprising degree of influence on the script.
Director Adrian Lyne
Starring Diane Lane, Richard Gere, Oliver Martinez, Dominic Chianese
Elevator Pitch An attractive but mature married woman accidentally meets a young French book dealer, and they begin a steamy affair. Her husband, who owns a security company, becomes suspicious and hires a private detective to follow his wife, revealing to him the relationship. He decides to confront the man, with disasterous results.
Content The husband, his wife and their son are seen in their domestic situation in the New York suburbs. The wife and her lover engage in pretty erotic coupling, and we become aware of her emotional conflict. In addition to the sex and nudity there is a bit of social drinking.
A View The director is well known for directing a number of mainstream erotic thrillers in the 1980s and had I been aware of this I would have known what to expect. It is a simple but, in my view, flawed plot (what were the police up to?) held together by the sex scenes. A watch if you like that sort of thing, but not really family viewing.

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