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Drama - Family

The Bookshop (2017)

Duration 1h 50m Rating (UK) Yet to get international release.
Source of story A 1978 book by Penelope Fitzgerald (died in 2000)
Writers/Script Isabel Coixet
Additional Info Obviously for tax reasons the interiors filmed in Barcelona and the exteriors in Northern Ireland.
Director Isabel Coixet
Starring Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, Hunter Tremayne, Frances Barber, James Lance, Patricia Clarkson
Elevator Pitch A strong willed widow decides to open a bookshop, in a Suffolk seaside town, in a house coverted by the local grande dame for use as an arts centre. Despite support from a local rich but reclusive widower her position is gradually made intolerable, particularly after he dies of a heart attack.
Content Scenes as the bookshop is stocked and maintained, the widow walks on the seashore, the widower dictates letters to her regarding books, they meet a couple of times. The people who wish to get rid of her meet and talk.
A View Apart from being boring there were too many distractions for me. The locations used could not possibly have been in Suffolk, the sea views and even the buildings showing signs of being somewhere totally different. What little drama there was seemed contrived, and some of the underhand dealings impossible even in 1959. But the Spanish love to see their film directors doing work in English, so maybe something for them.

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