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Bond 10: The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)

Duration 2h 5m Rating (UK) A
Source of story An original screenplay using the title of an Ian Fleming book only
Writer/s Script Christopher Wood, Richard Maibaum
Director Lewis Gilbert
Starring Roger Moore, Barbara Bach, Curt Jurgens, Richard Kiel, Caroline Munro, Walter Gotell, Geoffrey Keen, Bernard Lee, George Baker, Shane Rimmer, Kevin McNally
Elevator Pitch When nuclear submarines start disappearing Bond is forced to team up with a Russian spy and together they follow the trail to the submersible habitat of a mad scientist. He is going to initiate world conflict. Can he be stopped?
Content Loads of set pieces involving ingenious stuff. The Bond car is a submersible Lotus Esprit, there is a chase amid a “son et lumière” at the pyramids, there is a massive shoot out in a tanker turned into a submarine depot and control space and a number of visits to the scientist’s submersible environment. There is no nudity, just a bit of drinking and some implied sex.
A View The setup is alarmingly sexist by today’s standards, some of the set pieces are ridiculously contrived, it is too long, much of the acting is terrible but even so I smiled a lot while watching it, and it is worth anyone’s time just for the opening sequence which has Bond skiiing over a cliff – apparently they really did it, somewhere in the Antarctic.

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