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Sci-Fi - Robots

Bicentennial Man (1999)

Released 1999 Rating (UK)  
Source of story Short stories and novels by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg
Writer/s Script Nicholas Kazan
Director Chris Columbus
Starring Robin Williams, Embeth Davidz, Sam Neill, Oliver Platt
Elevator Pitch A domestic robot, purchased to carry out menial tasks, proves to have intelligence and to be capable of advanced thinking. He continues to serve generations of the same family, while beoming independent and financing the development of systems which gradually turn him into something like a human which might allow him to have a normal relationship.
Content Mostly robots, which look like metal people, interacting with the family and in other situations, and generally being “logical”. Once the robot begins to be like a human quite a lot of earnest conversation with the possible object of his affections. Some rather pompous court appearances.
A View This offering starts off being entertaining but gradually becomes more tiresome as the robot becomes more human. There could be a message in that! It sounds like a great idea but in the end it was not fun. Robin Williams blamed its poor performance at the box office on poor publicity but actually it was just a poor film.

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