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Action, Death Race, Sci-Fi - Dystopian Future

Death Race

Released 2008 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story “Inspired by” previous Death Race movies.
Writer/s Script Paul W.S.Anderson
Writer/s Story Paul W.S.Anderson, Robert Thom, Charles B Griffith, Ib Melchior (all except the first from the 1975 film)
Director Paul W.S.Anderson
Starring Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Ian McShane, Tyrese Gibson, Natalie Martinez
Elevator Pitch A former race car driver is framed for murder and ends up in a prison which puts on car races with armed and armoured cars, effectively requiring the contestants to win or to die. He is successful in retaining a place in the final race assisted by his mechanics and female co-driver, and abetted by the prison governor and her guards. But will she allow him to win his freedom?
Content Mostly the car races which go on interminably. These involve a lot of gunfire and numerous crashes, and which are plagued by interventions by the governor, but the noise makes these difficult to follow Just a bit of time in the garages where the cars are repaired and developed, and a bit of prison violence.
A View It seemed to me that one of the main problems with the plot is that in order for one car to shoot at another it has to be behind it. Surely this makes being in the lead a bit of a problem. There are contrivances which try, unsuccessfully in my view, to overcome this difficulty. Some of the critics liked it and it made money, but not a great JS outing.

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