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Batman Forever (4)

Released 1995 Rating (UK) 12
Source of story The Batman comics and the earlier films
Writer/s Script Lee Batchler, Janet Scott Batchler, Akiva Goldsman
Writer/s Story Lee batchler, Janet Scott Batchler, Bob Kane (Characters)
Director Joel Schumacher
Starring Val Kilmer, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, Chris O’Donnell, Michael Gough, Pat Hingle, Drew Barrymore
Elevator Pitch Two Face (formerly Harvey Dent) is causing mayhem in Gotham in an attempt to capture Batman, and when he holds the audience of a circus hostage it takes a trapeze artist to save them at the expense of his whole family. So Bruce Wayne decides to look after the young man and together they form an alliance against Two Face and his new friend The Riddler.
Content Gotham has become even more Deco than it used to be and in the numerous set pieces between Batman and Two Face there is gunfire and fist fights. The Batmobile, now with more interior lighting gets a number of outings. Nearly everybody seems to wear fancy dress all the time. Bruce refuses Dick Grayson’s offers of help an irritating number of times. The Riddler! Don’t get me started. Some snogging between Batman and Dr Chase Meridian.
A View Although I am a Batman fan I always gave this outing a miss because I could not imagine that the cast could deliver – and they didn’t. Apparently required by the studio to make Batman more family friendly after the splendid earlier Tim Burton films, this is just terrible, but it made money.

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