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Released 2005 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story The real life experience of one of the producers (based on, inspired by? Who knows).
Writer/s script Tassie Cameron
Director Nisha Ganatra
Starring Heather Graham, David Sutcliffe, Taye Diggs, Sandra Oh
Elevator Pitch When the editor of a Wedding Bells magazine is taken ill, he hands over the job to his fun loving travel writer reporter daughter. She gradually takes control of the magazine and in the end it becomes a hit. Meanwhile she and his father’s former assistant are on/off enemies, and who knows could they become lovers?
Content Almost the whole film in the offices of the wedding magazine, with occasional excursions into bars, and in the people carrier operated by the magazine, and once a wedding conference in Niagara Falls. Various shots of the star fetchingly clad in tight trousers and teeshirts which expose her midrift.
A View The idea of the film is that the main character is a loose woman who goes in for inconsequential brief affairs, but is saddled with a job proclaiming faithfulness and endless love. But the script is so weak that there is virtually no sign that she is other than a bit kooky. Even if you are a Heather Graham fan this outing is not worth your time. It was so unloved that there is only one “Trivia” item in imdb.

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