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Comedy - Romantic

Crocodile Dundee

Released 1986 Rating (UK) 15
Source of story Although denied by Paul Hogan, others have said that the origin of the story was the survival of an Australian adventurer in the 1970s.
Writer/s script Ken Shadie, John Cornell, Paul Hogan
Writer/s story Paul Hogan
Director Peter Faiman
Starring Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, David Gulpilil
Elevator Pitch When a story about a man in the Australian outback killing a crocodile reaches New York, a newspaper chooses to send out a female reporter to follow it up. She travels in the outback with the man, and becomes so impressed with him that she invites him to New York. In that city he is able to use his outback skills to his advantage, and possibly to replace her fiancee in her affections.
Content Stunning scenes in the real Australian outback with some adventures and one crocodile confrontation. Fun in the back streets of New York as the man from the outback uses his skills to take on people from the underworld of the city.
A View I remember queuing round the block to get into the cinema to see this with my eldest son and have seen it a few times since. It is a great idea to use the man from the outback’s special skills to take on people from the underbelly of New York, and it is a romatic comedy as well. Since there was really no social media in 1986 it is just a bit dated, but I have still made it a “must see” because you have to see it.

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