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Action, Underworld, Vampires, Werewolves

Underworld 4: Awakening

Released 2012 Rating (UK) 18
Source of story The earlier Underworld productions
Writer/s script Len Wiseman, John Hlavin, J.Michael Stracznski, Allison Burnett
Writer/s story Len Wiseman, John Hlavin – Characters: Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride
Director Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein
Starring Kate Beckinsale, Stephen Rea, Michael Ealy, Charles Dance,
Elevator Pitch Selene and Michael have been in stasis for 12 years, during which time she has given birth to her daughter, all of them contained in the Antigen facility. Meanwhile humans have discovered the existence of the undead and are attempting to eradicate them. But the old battles continue as the Lycans control Selene’s daughter, who they think will give them immunity from the siver bullets, and Selene attempts to rescue her.
Content Many battles between the Lycans and the Vampires in a variety of environments, and between Selene and the employees at Antigen. One or two car chases with the Lycans leaping from vehicle to vehicle. Quite a bit of blood and guts – a lot more gory than previous outings. Selene appears to be even more badass than ever.
A View Well, it’s only an hour and thirty minutes, with really the same plot as the previous movies, and with more of a body count. I feel a bit sorry for the unfortunate security guards who are shot, knifed and blown up. Most critics hated it. I’m with the few who liked it, but you might have to have seen the previous outings. I see I liked this a bit more than the others in the franchise. Was the editing crisper? Was Selene a bit more..? Was it the daylight, or am I becoming more tolerant?

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