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Action, Comedy - Family

A Knight’s Tale

Released 2001 Rating PG in UK
Director Brian Helgeland Writer/s Brian Helgeland
Starring Heath Ledger, Rufus Sewell, Shannyn Sossamon, Paul Bettany, Laura Fraser, Mark Addy, Alan Tudyk, James Purefoy, Christopher Cazenove
Source of story An original screenplay – but I think the director had seen one of those medieval tournaments put on by a group of stunt men.
Elevator Pitch When their knight dies during a tournament his squires are left without income, so one puts on the armour and they win, prompting further clandestine jousting, helped by a young Geoffrey Chaucer who provides a fictional family tree. But as the fake knight becomes more successful his opponents are on his trail.
Content A lot of jousting which is fun every time, with at times modern rock music. This includes the “Boys are Back in Town” from Thin Lizzy as the tournament arrives in London, and “We Will Rock You” during the opening sequence. A bit of romance but nothing anyone could find offensive (or exciting).
A View I was once on an oil rig in dock, so there was nothing going on, but I wanted to be entertained during the evening and found this film on disc. I was caught from the start and really enjoyed its total irreverence to, well, everything. The horses are great.

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