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Action, Underworld, Vampires

Underworld (3): Rise of the Lycans

Released 2009 Rating 18 in UK
Director Patrick Tatopoulos Writer/s Danny McBride, Dirk Blackman and others
Starring Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Rhona Mitra
Source of story The previous two Underworld stories
Elevator Pitch There was a time in the distant past when the vampires used the lycans as slaves in their dark citadel, but then the king’s daughter falls in love with the lycan leader, who breaks out of his servitude and leads a rebellion.
Content Almost the whole film in semi-darkness. Lycans are oppressed and in rebellion bite vampires. There is a lot of blood but nothing really explicit except for some whipping. Lots of crossbow type weapons used. The principle players rub up against each other a bit, but no actual sex.
A View I find films which take place in semi-darkness wearing but maybe that’s just me. It appears that the vampires are required to lack facial expression so they look a bit stunned, and the first half of the film is very slow. The second half is confusing. Not a must see, even for fans of the franchise.

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