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2000s, Comedy - Romantic


Released 2001 Rating 15 in UK
Director Gregory Poirier Writer/s Gregory Poirier
Starring Jerry O’Connell, Shannon Elizabeth, Jake Busey
Source of story An original screenplay
Elevator Pitch A group of young men make an investment each contributing a sum of money, to be collected by the last one left single. When, years later there are only two guys left one, a cartoonist, accrues a massive gambling debt so he schemes to persuade the other to marry by recruiting a suitable candidate – but then they fall for each other. What to do?
Content While there is nothing explicit in the whole film, content includes young women with few cloths on (including apparently some who won a competition), an S&M dungeon with leather clad ladies, activity in a sperm donation clinic, an unspeakable sequence including a testicle, a breast expelling human milk and shadowy lesbian activity.
A View I did laugh a couple of times, and actually I thought the principle actors were quite likeable, and there was a bit of a plot, but I had to look away occasionally. It was gross-out humour really and was said by the critics not to have been gross enough (I think). But get this, despite being panned it made money, so it’s all in getting the budget right.

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