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Action, Sci-Fi, Star Trek

Star Trek Beyond (ST 13)

Released 2016 Rating 12A
Director Justin Lin Writer/s Simon Pegg, Doug Jung
Starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Sofia Boutella, Idris Elba
Source of story Star Trek – the legend
Elevator Pitch The Enterprise is dispatched from the frontier space station Yorktown to assist a lost alien vessel in uncharted space, but the mission turns out to be a trap and the craft is downed onto the surface of a barren planet by a vast swarm of   metallic “bees”. The crew must get together and then take on the evil Krall, with the assistance of Jaylah a laid back female warrior.
Content An extended scene of the crash and destruction of the Enterprise, followed by lots of combat with phasers, tazers, fists, feet and bits of space ship. Much dashing about in semi-darkness. Some aerial combat between space ships large and small. No sex although Scotty appears to like Jaylah. Some moderate humour.
A View Much of the film   has been made for 3D, which extends some effects past their best duration. And honestly there was far too much noise, explosions and crashes for me. It has long been forgotten that the original Star Trek TV show used many well known SF themes, and even some actual stories, and that’s why the writers are struggling today. Also for them the joke is “Are we NEARLY there yet?” , not “Are we there yet”.

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