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Art House, Sci-Fi - Aliens

Under the Skin

Released 2014 Rating 15 in UK, R in USA
Director Jonathan Glazer Writer/s Walter Campbell, Jonathan Glazer
Starring Scarlett Johansson
Source of story A book by Michael Faber
Elevator Pitch An alien in the form of an attractive woman drives around Glasgow in a white van, picking up stray men and taking them to her lair with the expectation of sex. She is supported, or possibly controlled by another or others who ride motor cycles. As she empathises more with the humans her control over her situation is jeopardised.
Content Many apparently ad lib conversations with men in Glasgow (I needed the subtitles), some very strange scenes involving both male and female nudity, at least one odd sexual encounter
A View Most critics loved this, but I am with those who felt it was a good story spoilt by the obscure art house presentation. It is left to the viewers to make what they can from the scenes, and questions have been asked. Why are the aliens there? Why are their various powers so inconsistent? Why does she… oh no, that would be a spoiler!

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