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Comedy - Family


Released 2016 Rating 12A in UK
Director Paul Feig Writer/s Paul Feig,
Starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig + cameos by the originals
Source of story Ghostbusters I and II
Elevator Pitch Malevolent spirits are invading Manhattan again but fortunately another group of paranormal scientists are on hand to combat them. However the mayor wants to pretend that they are just a bunch of hoaxers, making life difficult, and no crisis is so bad it can’t get worse!
Content Actually some quite frightening moments, plus a lot of sharp dialogue and some jokes pointing up the fact that the Ghostbusters are female. As the film progresses an increasingly bewildering content of the set pieces.
A View Mostly an enjoyable romp, although for me the plot drifts away from its own rules for the benefit of spectacle. However there is considerable benefit from the 2016 CGI. Watch for the terrific scene in the pop concert.

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