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Animation - Adult, Drama

Anomalisa (2015)

Released 2015 Rating 15 in UK
Director Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman Writer/s Charlie Kaufman
Starring David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan
Source of story An “audio play” by Charlie Kaufman
Elevator Pitch A writer of a book about customer services checks into a hotel in Cincinnati where he is to give a promotional talk the following day. He calls up an old flame and they meet briefly and then he accidentally meets Lisa with whom he may or may not have an ongoing relationship.
Content Well, the players are puppets in stop motion animation, so there is a lot of talking as the ordinary businesss of life takes place, but in the puppet world – just like the real world. And then there is the ordinary business of sex.
A View It’s going to help if you look up the Fregoli syndrome before watching this, but not much. But most critics loved it, although those of us who did not know about the Fregoli syndrome were not so impressed. It is not funny!

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