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Sci-Fi - Aliens

Starship Troopers

Released 1997 Rating 15 in UK
Director Paul Verhoeven Writer/s Ed Neumeier
Starring Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, Jake Busy, Dean Norris, Amy Smart
Source of story A Robert A Heinline book
Elevator Pitch When a race of alien insects attack South America, earth sends a vast fleet of space craft to attack their home planet, with an army of well trained young people who land to take on the bugs.
Content This film is apparently “ironically fascist like”, with young people ready to die for the cause, so we see the training, and the action which includes some nudity, some sex and a lot of extremely bloody violence with dismembered bodies, and some explosions in space as the fleet is attacked.
A View This film is poorly acted and initially boring. Every script seems to require the recruit training. The final scenes are impressive although I found myself asking questions for which the script did not provide answers. Dean Norris of “Breaking Bad” has a small role.

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