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Premonition (2007)

Duration 1h 36m Rating (UK) 12A Source of story An original screenplay Director Mennan Yapo Writers/Script Bill Kelly Starring Sandra Bullock, Julian McMahon, Kate Nelligan, Amber Valletta, Peter Stormare, Elevator Pitch: The Hansons are a family of him, her and two preteen daughters.  One afternoon the sheriff calls on Linda Hanson to tell her that … Continue reading

Gothika (2003)

Elevator Pitch Dr Miranda Grey is a psychiatrist in a large high security psychiatric hospital, where her husband is the chief of the department. While driving home on a dark rainy night she is directed by the police to take an alternative route, and after crossing a wooden bridge swerves intoa ditch to avoid a … Continue reading

Left Behind (2014)

Duration 1h 50m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story A series of 16 books by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye and possibly a video franchise from 2000. Writers/Script Paul Lalonde, John Patus Additional Info The authors of the books thought it was a good representation of their work. Director Vic Armstrong Starring Nicolas Cage, … Continue reading

Colossal (2017 in Spain)

Duration 1h 49m Rating (UK) 15 Source of story An original screenplay Writer/s Script Nacho Vigalondo Director Nacho Vigalondo Starring Anne Hathaway, Jason Sudeikis, Austin Stowell, Tim Blake Nelson, Dan Stevens, Christine Lee Elevator Pitch A young woman, out of work, whose life seems to consist of all night drunks is ousted by her boyfriend … Continue reading


Released 2016 Rating 15 in UK Director Michael Petroni Writer/s Michael Petroni Starring Adrian Brody, Sam Neill Source of story An original screenplay Elevator Pitch Two boys leave their bikes on a railway line, apparently causing in the derailment of a train and the deaths of 47 people. They are both traumatised, and one, who … Continue reading


Released 2002 Rating 12 in UK Director Tom Shadyac Writer/s Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson Starring Kevin Costner, Susanna Thompson, Kathy Bates Source of story An original screenplay Elevator Pitch After his wife in lost in an accident in Venezuela a doctor finds he is getting messages from her, via children who have had near death … Continue reading

The Gift (2000)

Released 2000 Rating 15 in UK Director Sam Raimi Writer/s Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Epperson Starring Cate Blanchett, Katie Holms, Greg Kinnear, Giovanni Ribisi, Keanu Reeves, Hilary Swank, Gary Cole, J.K.Simmons Source of story Original screenplay Elevator Pitch The disappearance of a young married woman in a small community focuses attention on the local clairvoyant, … Continue reading

The Orphan

Released 2009 Rating 15 in UK Director Jaume Collet-Serra Writer/s David Johnson Starring Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman Source of story Original screenplay Elevator Pitch A family whose third child is a stillbirth decide to adopt, and are charmed by a nine year old girl they find in an orphanage – but she is … Continue reading