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2000s, Action -Shoot-em Ups, Drama - Gangland

Smokin’ Aces

Released 2006 Rating 18 in UK
Director Joe Carnahan Writer/s Joe Carnahan
Starring Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Ben Afleck, Peter Berg, Andy Garcia, Alicia Keys, Taraji P Henson, Chris Pine
Source of story An original Screnplay
Elevator Pitch A Las Vegas performer with links to the mafia decides to spill the beans to the FBI, who secure him in the penthouse of the Nomad Hotel in Navada. A price on his head of one million dollars gets a number of assassins on the case, but one of them is going to remove his heart.
Content An incredible amount of violence, as the hit men kill off each other and battle with the FBI with hand guns, shot guns and other weapons of destruction, including a high power sniper rifle. Some gratuitous nudity early on but no sex.
A View I have seen this film more than once, possibly because I am fascinated by sniper rifles, a means of killing people from so far away that it seems like black magic. Most people would see this movie as trash, but it did not cost much to make and was quickly into profit. Not recommended for anyone of a delicate disposition.

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